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Digital Diversity Essay -- Writing Composition Education Internet Essa

Advanced Diversity Does the worldwide extent of the Internet involve a conclusion to the social and recorded assorted variety of style in structure? In the previous a very long while, innovation has prompted a mammoth associated system of PCs. This new Internet (and for the most part the World Wide Web) has become another correspondence and data trade apparatus. All information that used to be transmitted by voice, paper, radio, TV, or different broad communications gadget should now be possible so carefully, and these messages can be close to home just as wide perused. All through the ages, the style of messages being conveyed has reflected upon the way of life and history of their inception. In spite of the fact that the Internet arrives at most places on the planet, it won't homogenize the style of substance found on it. Noteworthy bits of the Internet’s causes lie in American history. In the mid 1960’s, researchers started to look for a method of better speaking with one another, basically to share data in a quick and simple way. Because of advancements in bundle exchanging innovation, the idea of wide region PC system could be figured it out. Specialists at DARPA started take a shot at ARPANET, which, through a progression of enhancements and changes, would inevitably turn into the foundation for the advanced Internet. These systems were initially worked by associating each PC in turn, and including more as they were required. All things considered, ARPANET was an American military creation built during the Cold War as a quicker and all the more innovative correspondence system. In any case, the other use for the maturing Internet was data sharing by researchers all over the globe, not only ones at American foundations. Besides, the World Wide Web was created by Tim Bern... ...the style of others they see on the grounds that there is a person inside every PC client who doesn’t need to be precisely the same as every other person. With its worldwide degree, the Internet may wind up advancing assorted variety as opposed to driving homogeneity. Reference index Brenner, Steven E. Perl Routines to Manipulate CGI input Manovich, Lev, online chronicle: Manovich, Lev, The Engineering of Vision from Constructivism to Computers, online Ph.D. Exposition, 1993. Rubinstein, Geoffery, Printing: History and Development, Sherrard, Nathan, online papers: Sherrard, Nathan, The Digital World Sullivan, Danny, Foreign Language Internet Search Engines,

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Telecommunication Net Neutrality

Question: Portray about the Net Neutrality? Answer: Official Summary This task mirrors internet fairness in these advanced days. In any case, this investigation mirrors that unhindered internet is the significant pattern in nowadays of media transmission industry. A few strategy and issues that relates with the unhindered internet has been present in this task connects with the social settings of the approach of media transmission industry. Be that as it may, this examination additionally speak to the present outline of the internet fairness in India. Through the task, experts portrays the complexities of the unhindered internet on the planet and gives an uncommon reference of India for understanding the complexities of internet fairness in India. The principle reason of expanding unhindered internet is the expansion number of offices that gave the system specialist co-ops to the clients. Dominant part of system specialist organizations in this world doesn't obstructed the outsiders movement over calling the IP in the web association. In the wake of p ropelling the web on the planet since 1980s, the web access suppliers still not incorporated any specialization or legitimate standards for utilization of web by the outsiders. This is the key explanation of expanding internet fairness in the World. From the perspective of India, unhindered internet is the current just as significant difficulties in light of the fact that TRAI (Telecommunication Regulatory Authentication of India) is as yet incapable to actualize fitting standards and guidelines remembering some important rule for terms of giving toll and clear network access. A few arrangements have been portrayed that immovably relates with the unhindered internet, for example, strategy in regards to web get to, web promoting willful, imperfections of system, and so on. Presentation Powell Cooper (2011) assumed that web lack of bias is one of the most specialized sounding expression just as horrible sounding expression inside the media transmission condition. Be that as it may, Coucheney, Maille Tuffin (2013) opined that internet fairness is understanding the working strategy of phone lines that begin to work since twentieth century. From the perspective of phone correspondence line, the specialist organizations of phone lines, for example, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, MTNL, Reliance, and so forth permits the client in dialing and interfacing with others over web. This kind of guideline is known as the unhindered internet. The deals that goes inside the servers are never constrained by the Internet Service Providers. During the hour of web surfing over web when the web client utilized web, they gets some speed. In any case, the information course in the web remain hypothetically same particularly when the web client use YouTube and Facebook. With no obstruction from the Internet Service Providers, clients are not permitted to get to any lawful sites or the web administration in web. Caverns (2012) contended that client can get to the lawful sites or the lawful web administration over web with the consent of network access suppliers. The specialist organizations of the media transmission administration in this world never obstructed the character of different gatherings over calling and furthermore never postpone the association for one specific number. Be that as it may, Cheng, Bandyopadhyay Guo (2011) refered to that the phone correspondence specialist organizations deferral or square the third partys telephone number when it was constrained by law. On the planet, there were most f the nations, for example, Australia, United State of America, Europe, China, and so forth have set a few principles for the media transmission specialist organizations in regards to their administration when it is given an unlimited and unfiltered telephone administration. During the hour of 1980s or 1990s, when the web was first propelled, there were no specific guidelines or guidelines by the administration as far as offering types of assistance to the client. Along these lines, the Internet Service Providers (ISP) didn't adhere to any standards or guidelines. In any case, there are telecom administrators that were likewise Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Along these lines, lion's share of telecom administrators keep up certain standards as far as offering support to the client (Guo, Cheng Bandyopadhyay, 2013). 2. Idea of Net Neutrality endure Cheng, Bandyopadhyay Guo (2011) refered to that unhindered internet is the idea of understanding of the men. The unhindered internet is made due since not many years before on the grounds that larger part of the web clients utilized web from most recent 30 years. In past years, utilization of web was minor. As the innovation change quickly, the utilization of web increment to a great extent. Subsequently, presentation of advanced cell in the network increment the utilization of web generally. In these advanced days, data innovation becomes increasingly elevated. In this manner utilization of web is one of the major and vital piece of the network. The Internet Service Providers on the planet attempts to make an intensity of shape just as attempts to control the traffic over web as indicated by the use of the net by the client (Guo, Cheng Bandyopadhyay, 2013). Aside from that, the Internet Service Providers gives a few different ways that permits the client in keeping alive the unhinde red internet. From the web traffic, the purchasers of the web clients requests for the hands off methodology as far as proceeding with the Internet Service Providers. The Internet Service Providers permits the client in adopting the proactive strategy of there is any infringement of the unhindered internet. The clients of the web are additionally permitted in enlisting their dismay to the input type of Internet Service Provider. As per the maintain of the unhindered internet, the client additionally compensated the Internet Service Providers. Nonetheless, so as to make better holding with the customer, the media transmission accomplice TRAI (Telecom Authority of India) makes a few principles and guidelines that are clear and exact standards as far as securing the internet fairness. As per the magistrate of Telecom Regulatory Authority in India, TRAI began on attempting to audit the data with respect to Internet Service Providers controls the whole traffic that streams over the web. TRAI gives their best exertion as far as directing the way toward controlling traffic over web. Through framing rules and set of clear review, TRAI make the web open and easy to understand. It permits TRAI in ensuring the unhindered internet. In early days, the client of web was little. Accordingly, TRAI had the option to set the standard effectively and track data from the web traffic. Along these lines, they faces numerous challenges regarding changing the framework since now the client of web is more than $800 billion. 3. Province of Net Neutrality in India In India, the idea of unhindered internet doesn't exists. As indicated by the executive of Center for Internet and Society in Bangalore in particular Sunil Abraham, TRAI still attempts to build up certain principles and guideline as far as keeping up the unhindered internet in India. For example, in 2006, the Telecom Regulatory Authority in India welcomed the ideas of the internet fairness fro, the partner and industrys viewpoint. In any case, it has been seen that, there were no proper arrangement of decides or guidelines that framed for the implementing just as maintaining unhindered internet. Then again, Coucheney, Maille Tuffin (2013) contended that the Internet Servce suppliers in India, for example, Airtel, BSNL, MTNL, Reliance, Tata DOCOMO, Vodafone, Aircel, Idea, and so forth are for the most part hold fast to the unhindered internet from the perspective of set of standard. Dominant part of the Internet Service Providers in India overlooked the unhindered internet. Crocioni (2011) opined that utilization of information traffic is expanded ever more elevated just as exponentially of TSPs. Along these lines, increment of web builds up a few issues from the perspective of web get to. In present situation, it has been distinguished that individuals or the web client interest for the free and open access administration in Internet. Firth Pierson (2011) contended that, lion's share of web client requests for the free access administration over web with no limitations. It has significantly expanded because of the fundamental supporters if various kinds of Application Servic e Providers accessibility in Internet. So as to guarantee the open web get to, the web administrator needs to manufacture the few administrative, for example, Act with the expectation of complimentary use, create circumstance just as utilize different methodologies that helps in managing the issues of Over the Top administrations. 4. Present Scenario of Net Neutrality 4.1 Policies on Net Neutrality As per the chiefs of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), the web access suppliers have not to give any permit charges till October, 2003. Along these lines, from the first November 2003, the Internet Service Providers needs to token a permit expense that was exorbitant Rs. 1 for every annum that was payable to W. E. F. In India, there isn't any limitation on giving number of administration to the client in each of the three classes of web access territories, for example, A, B and C. As per the survey report of Groh (2012), there are in excess of 390 Internet Service Provider licensees out of 135 ISPs in India. Guo, Cheng Bandyopadhyay (2012) refered to that in India, there are greater part of ISPs work various assistance aside from Vodafone. As indicated by the survey report of 2010, there were in excess of 12 million web client inside al part of India. The utilization of web was expanded in the wake of propelling the cell phone in India in 2002 (Owen, 2015). Along these li nes, in excess of 20 Internet Service Providers made the endorsers in India that are over 97% of the supporters. During that time, just 2% supporters were made by the other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in India. Larger part of web supporters were made by the Airtel in the telecom advertise in India. The leading group of Telecom Regulatory Authority in India, gave 128 Internet Service Provider licenses as far as administration web communication (Greenstein, 2006). Be that as it may, just 32 ISP have begun to offer support of web te

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Signs Your Country is in a Trade War

Signs Your Country is in a Trade War A trade war is an economic conflict that happens as a result of extreme protectionism.Protectionism occurs, when a country creates or increases tariffs (tax imposed on imports of goods and services) and trade barriers against another country in retaliation to the trade barriers created by the other country.A trade war usually starts when a nation makes attempts to protect her domestic industry and create jobs.If this goes on for a short while it may not cause any trade friction between other countries but if it lingers it may degenerate into a trade war.In order for a country to boost its domestic industry, the country will place tariffs on the import of goods; these tariffs are meant to give a competitive advantage to the domestic industries that produce the product.The price of these domestic goods will be cheaper when compared to imported goods.Due to the fact that the domestic prices of the goods are cheaper, there will be an increased demand for domestic goods more than imported goods.This increase in the demand for local goods will cause a boost in the production of domestic goods and lead to the creation of more jobs.When another country that supplies the same goods notices that tariffs or trade barriers have been set up against the importation of their goods to the country, they may want to retaliate.This is especially if the trading practices are considered unfair or if the domestic trade union of the other country pressures politicians to make the imported goods look less attractive and unappealing to the consumers.The misunderstanding that ensues after this can cause friction between the two countries and if it lingers for long, the country on whose goods tariffs have been placed can decide to retaliate and do the same to the goods of the other country.Once this happens a trade war is around the corner.A trade war in one sector can spill to other sectors in a countrys economy.The effects of trade wars are spread across various sectors of a nation lik e the chart below shows of the trade war between the United States and China. Source: BBCAlso a trade war that begins with just two countries can spill over and start to affect other countries that were not initially involved in the war.The war always spills over to other countries that have allegiances with each of the two warring countries.If for example Country A is involved in a trade war with Country B. The nations that are in alliance or in trade partnership with the two countries may be forced to also take retaliatory steps against the country that is against their ally.If country D is the friend of country A; it can place trade restrictions and tariffs on imports from country B. This chain reaction is usually to show support and solidarity to their allies during the war.The trade war between countries can also make countries to form new trade alliances.If for example, Country A places high tariffs on the products from country B, then country B will be forced to look for another country that it can enter the same trade agreement with either on a long te rm or short term basis.WHAT IS PROTECTIONISM? As stated earlier, protectionist penchant is the major cause of a trade war. You may be wondering what Is protectionism.Protectionism refers to government policies and actions that restrict international trade. The major intention of this is to protect local business and jobs from foreign competition.A lot of arguments have been on as to whether or not protectionism is of any benefit to the people. Critics of protectionism say that even though it is intended to benefit the people, it is detrimental to the people, especially in the long run.For example, a survey was carried out with regards to if Americans believe that China would retaliate to the tariffs imposed by the government and over 74% stated that China would retaliate. They were not wrong. Not only did China retaliate but other countries as well. Source: YouGovThey argue that it can slow down the cultural exchange and economic growth. It also leads to an increase in the price of manufacturing goods domestically.On the other hand, proponents of protectionism are of the opinion that if the policies are well crafted, it provides a competitive advantage and also creates more jobs.Protectionist policies are not just implemented via tariffs, they can also be implemented through by setting clear product standards, placing a cap on import quotas and also implementing government subsidies to deter outsourcing.An example of this is when President Donald Trump of the United States of America embarked on a protectionist campaign in 2017 and 2018 which was geared towards bringing back manufacturing jobs to the United States instead of outsourcing from India and China where the US has been known to outsource from for many decades.This is what has degenerated to the ongoing trade war between China and the United States.DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A TRADE WAR AND SANCTIONSIt is important to note that a trade war is different from other actions like sanctions specifically related to trade that have detrimental effects on the trade relationship between two countries.Such actions may also have other goals like humanitarian goals. They are mostly taken when a country disobeys the rules or regulations of a country concerning import, this disobedience can be in the aspect of the standard of the imported goods or any other regulation that is flouted.Such sanctions should not be mistaken for a trade war. The sanctions are usually justified and the country that is sanctioned knows that it deserves the sanction.In as much as the actions and tariffs that degenerate into a trade war are aimed at improving the economy of a country, if the trade war continues for a long period of time, it can have adverse effects on international trade.To further understand these adverse effects of trade wars, let us consider the implications of a Trade War. IMPLICATIONS OF A TRADE WARAs stated earlier, a trade war can have certain effects on the countries involved and even on the global economy especially if it lingers for too long. Below are some of the implications of a trade war.1. Increased Cost of Goods and ServicesThe tariffs that are placed on goods and services during a trade war can lead to an increase in the price of goods and services and this can affect the economy negatively. High prices from tariffs can hurt firms and consumers in the countries involved.The first prices to rise during the trade war are the goods in the sector with tariffs.Once these prices increase, the prices of other products will follow suit thereby putting the economy in a tight spot.When tariffs are placed on imported goods, the prices of the goods increases because of the tax imposed on them, when the prices of these imported goods increase, the domestic manufacturers who do not pay tariffs begin to charge higher prices for their domestically produc ed goods too.Even though domestic manufacturers make more profit which they can invest in other factories, it has an adverse effect on the consumers.This how in price puts a strain on consumers and companies that buy intermediate products and this can harm the economy.2. Consumer Financial StrainTariffs that target consumer goods can put direct pressure on the finances of the citizens of the countries involved.If the tariff is on intermediate goods and industrial products, it wont affect the citizens as much as tariffs placed on consumer goods.These tariffs on consumer goods also threaten the retail industry by causing an increase in the retail prices to consumers this is due to the fact that retailers wont be able to absorb the cost of the tariff.The high tariffs could mean that suppliers will receive fewer supplies, or consumers will pay more or consumers will buy fewer products or the retail margins will be low or consumers will totally forgo the purchase of the products.Either w ay, the budgets of consumers will be stretched and the shopping bills of consumers will get higher and this will affect the economy.Retaliatory tariff also affects farmers; this is because trade wars also interfere with the plans of the farmers for the future.The escalation of tension during trade wars causes a reduction in the ability of farmers to sell their goods and this causes them to make long term decisions that will affect their farms.3. Global Economic CrisisTrade wars especially can adversely affect the economy of the world.These effects can be felt in three different ways:First, a trade war can lead to a reduction in productivity; this reduction is due to the changes in the allocation of productive resources.Secondly, a Trade War could lead to a rise in the financing cost of capital which is caused by the financial stress the country undergoes during the war.Finally, a trade was can lead to a reduction or drop in investment which is due to the increase in uncertainty or f ear of the future of business conditions. A lot of firms and investors would rather wait and see what happens than invest their money in an unstable economy.If investors start reducing their investments or people start moving their supply chain around, then the economy will be badly hurt.The tariffs during trade wars may look harmless at the initial stage but in the long run, it will lead to laying-off people from their jobs, this will leave people devastated and their hopes and optimism shattered because the hope of getting any meaningful work will be gone.EXAMPLES OF TRADE WARS AND ITS SIGNSSteel Tariffs and the European Union Trade War In March 2018, the President of the United States Donald Trump stated a 10% tariff on aluminum and 25% tariff on all steel imports. Even though Trump further said Trade wars are very easy to win, the markets revealed something else.Stock markets began to fall all around the world, due to the fear of the trade war about to happen between 3 of the wo rlds biggest economies.Although the United States Congress is the only arm of the government given the full legal right to enforce traffics, Donald Trump exercised a special power which was granted to the presidency in 1962 by the Congress.This permitted the curbing of imports by the president when these imports are believed to threaten the security of the nation. And this was the case, as The Commerce Department announced that due to reliance on imported metals, the United States ability to create weapons was threatened.However, the Aerospace Industry Council begged to differ stating that Trumps tariffs would rather multiply costs for exporters and the military.Now, after these moves by the U.S President, 8 nations, 5 of them allied to the United States filed complaints against the country. These countries included Switzerland, Mexico, India, the European Union, Norway, Canada, Russia, and China.China one the major players of the steel industry imposed a $3 billion tariff on all Am erican products in June 2018, which unleashed a circle of retaliation as the chart below shows. Source: Statistaa.) The EU Trade War The American government initially wanted to delay the tariff on all European Union imports for the 1st of June 2018. This was because Donald Trump required the United States ally to take off its 10% tariff on all American autos, as well as setting quotas on all its steel exports.However, on the 31st of May, 2018, the President of the United States said that the tariff would be placed on Mexico, the European Union, and Canada. The American Aluminum Associated announced that this move would cause chaos in the supply chains which over 97% of all aluminum industry jobs in the United States rely on.Germany then proposed to stop the European Union’s 10% tax on all American auto imports. In turn, the U.S must not impose a 25% tax on all auto imports from the EU.However, on the 22nd of June, 2018, the European Union placed tariffs on American products of up to $3.2 billion. These tariffs were directly aimed at imports which would affect the political ba se of Donald Trump, such as orange juice, bourbon, and motorcycles.However, various other sectors were vulnerable to the trade war as seen in the image below. Source: BruegelBoth moves were after 2018, April EU upgrade of its Mexico trade agreement.On the 17th of July, the European Union sealed a trade agreement with Asian giant Japan. This deal ends or reduces tariffs on most products and it became guess largest ever trade agreement, concerning $152 billion products.On the 25th of July, 2018, the European Union and America decided to hold back on all proposed tariffs, revisit the aluminum and steel tariffs and move towards achieving zero tariffs on all non-auto industrial products.The European Union agreed to receive more American soybeans and liquefied natural gas. This would decrease its dependence on the Russian LNG as well as aid American farmers who lost out on the Chinese market as a result of the trade war.However, the price of Russias LNG is a lot less than that of the United States, so its doubtful that much change would happen.What were the Signs? The United States is the largest importer of steel globally, and these tariffs bad ly hurt these companies that employ over 6.4 million workers, in the attempt to shield the 147,000 employees in the United States steel industry.This particular trade war began to raise the cost for all steel users such as automakers. Whats more, the tariffs decreased the second-quarter profits for the top 3 automakers.Now in order to satisfy shareholders, these costs were passed down onto consumers. This means that every product manufactured with steel began to see a rise in cost.b.) RetaliationsThe Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau announced that Canada will retaliate with like tariffs.Mexico as well announced that it will place traffics on United States industries situated in locations that were in support of Donald Trump.These tariffs included pork products, flat steel, and lamps.In another move, Trump said on the 10th of August 2018, that he was going to double tariff on steel and aluminum imports from Turkey.This was done in the move to secure the release of American cle rgyman Andrew Brunson, who Turkey claimed was a part of the 2016 coup to oust the sitting government.This move by the United States reduced the worth of the Turkish lira against the U.S dollar to an all-time low. This trigger fears that the fallen state of the Turkish economy was capable of initiating a fresh crisis in Europe.WHAT WERE THE SIGNS OF RETALIATORY TARIFFS?Some companies in the United States created the Tariffs Hurt the Heartland movement in order to make the government put a stop to the ongoing trade war.Why were they concerned? Well, they were worried about the increase in costs of all imported goods. Furthermore, due to these retaliatory tariffs which were imposed on United States exports by Europe and China, it began to hurt farmers.Whats more, in states like Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois bankruptcies leaped to their worst level in a decade.What was even more worrisome is the fact that those states in 2017 produced a huge amount of all food in the United States but this wasnt the experience during the trade war.WHAT DO YOU EXPERIENCE AS A CITIZEN OF A COUNTRY CURRENTLY IN A TRADE WAR? In the examples we have seen above, the trade wars hiked the costs of consumer products that utilize aluminum and steel. Furthermore, half of all goods imported by the United States from China are used to create other products.Hence, these tariffs raised their prices, and this forced them to either lay off workers or increase costs. Beer and soda suppliers were the initial producers to increase in cost.Prices have also risen on imported heavy-equipment materials, computer chips, tool makers and clothing hangers.The Automobile Manufacturers Alliance announced that American produced steel would cost more as soon as cheap imports from foreign nations are eliminated. They stated that The move is raising automobile cost for consumers and a having a negative effect on the industrys competitiveness globally.For instance, in Missouri, Mid-Continent Nail announced worker layoffs due to the hike in steel prices and this was rising too high for the company to stay profitable and afloat.Whats more, Harley-Davidson reported that it had plans to move certain productions outside the country to steer clear of retaliatory European tariffs.The lobster industry in Maine also suffered from the retaliatory tariffs on all American seafood. California cheese producers are also witnessing their markets in Mexico and China fade away, as a result of retaliatory tariffs.The American bourbon industry and Wisconsin automobile parts producers are among the industries reaping the effects of the trade war as well. Tariffs have also decreased the United States grain and timber exports based on the reports of The Wall Street Journal.A lot of American imports from China are from the United States. Various raw materials are moved to China to be processed, and then exported back to the United States.For instance, salmon captured in Alaska is exported to China to be processed then exported back to American grocery stores.Now if Trump places tariffs on all seafood imports, the result would be an increase in cost to 50 cents for a pound from the previous 25 cents a pound.The foreign tariffs on all American exports will cause them to be expensive. Hence, United States exporters will have to lay-off workers in order to cut cost and stay competitively priced.If this isnt done, theyll probably run out of business.Over time, trade wars reduce economic growth; create a lot of layoffs, due to the retaliation of foreign nations.So, the 12 million workers in the United States who have jobs related to exports could ultimately lose their jobs.And this could reduce the economic growth of America by 0.4%.Furthermore, in the long run, trade wars do damage to the domestic industry it was trying to protect in the first place.This is because, without competition from foreign countries, home-based industries have no need for innovation.And this would lead to a reduction in the quality of goods in comparison to goods produced by foreign nations.CONCLUSIONAs we have seen from this article, the signs that your country is currently in the midst of a trade war are numerous, such as an increase in imported goods, reduction in the quality of home-based products, and high amount of worker layoffs.The outcomes of trade wars are undesirable for any economy in the long-run as it rarely creates the desired results due to the various retaliations of the countries involved.

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Australian And Native American History - 1472 Words

While from two vastly different regions and cultures of the world, Australian and Native American mythologies have more in common than people initially realize. Both span thousands of years of traditional lifestyles, having developed unique folklore in order to preserve their cultures. Australian mythology has a slightly less severe tone, having written their myths in order to record them in the aftermath of colonization, while Native Americans feel a religious reverence for the tales because they view their stories as true accounts. However, while their tones are different, their thematic similarities stretch from their long histories and creation myths to the importance of animals and astronomy. Similar to Australian aboriginals, Native American people have a history that spans hundreds of centuries. Historians and archeologists estimate that the first Native American population, or Paleo-Indians, consisted of â€Å"nomadic hunters from Asia who migrated to the continent probably during the last glacial period (Bastian and Mitchell 6). The dates of the natives’ first appearance in history range from twenty-thousand to sixty-thousand years ago (Bastian and Mitchell 6). Like aboriginals down under, they formed their own separate cultures around the land, developing a â€Å"wide range of small-scale, oral cultures† (WILLIS 220). Native American groups were more distinguishable than Australian tribes, however, each having founded separate and unique characteristics. At the end of theShow MoreRelatedThe Many Languages of Australia and New Zealand1518 Words   |  6 PagesAs of 2013, there are many languages spoken both in Australia and New Zealand. Having a history dating as far as the 18th century, both countries constitute the Austral realm. Within its many aspects, one of the most notorious is its language. Known by the humorous effect some of its sentences and words provoke in people, the language of the Austral realm has helped shape the iden tity of Australia as well as New Zealand and has become an essential spectrum of their culture. In spite of its variationsRead MoreThe Dapl Operator Announced On Election Day That It Had1248 Words   |  5 PagesEnergy Transfer Partners’ stock price has climbed more than 15% since his election, from $33.37 to $38.68 a share ( Similarly, First Nation of Canada has a devastating history. First Nation’s people are the natives of Canada. They fought for their land when the French came over to settle. Unlike the Native Americans who fought against the British, the First Nations joined with the British to fight the French ( In the late 1850’s, the Gradual Civilization Act was passedRead MoreIndigenous And Non Indigenous People1332 Words   |  6 PagesAs I was not born or raised in Australia, I had no idea about Indigenous Australian history before I came across this unit. The only idea I had is that Indigenous Australians receive ‘special treatment’ such as more welfare and handouts from the government. Before I started this unit, I was expecting to learn Indigenous culture and traditions as I have been taught in my diploma unit before. However, in the very first lecture, Corrinne surprised me by being a white Indigenous people and the way sheRead MoreAustralian English And Its Slang844 Words   |  4 Pagespeople are native English speakers and more then half of them live in the United States. Also, five more countries use English as their first launguage including the United Kingdom,Canada,Australia,Ireland, and New Zealand. Because English is so widely spoken, there are major v arieties of English, such as British English, North American English, Australian English, South African English and New Zealand English (R. Nordquist). In my research paper, I would like to talk about Australian English andRead MoreAustralia s An Diverse Population Spread Across Its Continent990 Words   |  4 Pagesits continent, with the census clearly showing how they attempt to exclude racial taxonomy from their statistics. In 1980 Australia adopted a more concise way of identifying ethnicity by using several distinguishing characteristics: ï‚ § a long shared history, the memory of which is kept alive ï‚ § a cultural tradition, including family and social customs, sometimes religiously based ï‚ § a common geographic origin ï‚ § a common language (but not necessarily limited to that group) ï‚ § a common literature (writtenRead MoreA Short Note On The And Language Co Exist Within One Society Or Community1597 Words   |  7 Pagesgovernment, business, education and even entertainment. Since gaining independence, India has struggled to answer the question whether to use Hindi or English because of India’s class struggle and colonial history (Mateo). Using Hindi or English includes a variety of issues such as social standing, history, nationalism and even geography (Mateo). The Indian Government has been pushing towards making Hindi the official language for government communication. In order for this to happen, Hindi must be givenRead MoreFilm Analysis : Rabbit Proof Fence1499 Words   |  6 Pages The Drama film Rabbit-Proof Fence, directed by Phillip Noyce, was based on the book by Doris Pilkington which retold the true story of how three young Aboriginal girls escaped the Moore River Native Settlement, after being kidnapped from home. In Western Australia, there was a government policy that would send half-caste children to this settlement to save them from themselves because they did not want a third unwanted race. Half-caste is referred to mixed-blooded children. Mr. A.O. Neville,Read MoreHistory Course Outline787 Words   |  4 PagesHistory Course Outline There are four topics; * Australia in the Vietnam War Era * Changing Rights and Freedoms * People Power and Politics in the Post-war Period * Australia’s Social and Cultural History in the Post-War Period Australia in the Vietnam War Inquiry questions †¢ How did the Australian government respond to the threat of communism after WWII? †¢ Why did Australia become involved in the Vietnam War? †¢ How did various groups respond to AustraliaÂ’s involvement inRead MoreIntroduction. The Film, Gallipoli, Directed By Peter Weir,1677 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The film, Gallipoli, directed by Peter Weir, depicts one of the most controversial aspects of Australian history. The film depicts heritage myths regarding Australian culture; and Australia’s size in the world at large. Weir’s Gallipoli is taken from an Australian perspective and presents a compressed narrative of the events that shaped Australian society during World War I. The 20th Century saw the emergence of cinematography as a primary medium. One aspect of cinematography thatRead MoreWorld War I And The United States876 Words   |  4 Pagesdifference between races specifically in brain size. He believed that the Europeans had the best brain capacity especially the English. Next, was the Chinese. Then, came Southeast Asians and Polynesians. Following that, was American Indians. Last was, Africans and Australians. (Science: 1770s-1850s: One Race or Several Species) Also, in the early 1900’s there were different intelligence test conducted mainly to â€Å"justify racial and ethnic discrimination†. According to the understanding race website

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Understand Children and Young Peoples Self Directed Play

Freely chosen, self directed play. Refer back to assignment 1. The play cycle A play cycle begins in the pre conscious thoughts of the child, it is at the point of daydream where the playful impulse is created and given out as the play cue. Once this cue is taken up by a responding partner the play cycle begins. The metalude signals the start of the play process and while it supports a single play thought in the Childs consciousness it can change in seconds to become another playful thoughts or an extended version of its original self. The play cue can be given out in many ways, facial expressions, eyes contact, body language or simply through using materials I.e. a ball or a colouring pencil. Looking back through my reflective diary I†¦show more content†¦Loose parts provide a high level of creativity and choice as there are endless possibilities for how they can be played with. In my setting yesterday the children used loose parts such as cardboard boxes, bottle tops and shiny paper to make a robot, the robot then became a bus and later a child’s hideout. Simon Nichols theory of loose parts argues that creativity is not for the gifted, he believes that it is our education and cultural conditions that lead us to believe this .He said that ‘in any environment, both the degree of inventiveness and creativity and the possibility of discovery are directly proportional to the number of loose parts and kind of variables in it.’ You do not have to be a gifted musician to make music, the children and young people at my setting often make there own music, with pots, pans and trays or even banging small sticks on surface areas. Play preferences. Preference for outdoor play. Child A plays mostly outdoors as he believes it is more fun, and loves to investigate the surroundings. The choice of indoor play is often related to the weather, child A only plays inside when its cold or raining. It is only in severe weather conditions children have to stay in doors as in our setting we believe the children can learn and develop much more outside even when the weather is poor. Play preferences are the child’s own choices the freedom opportunities to be able to make those choices by enabling varied resources that areShow MoreRelatedTda 2.16 Support Children and Young People with Play and Leisure749 Words   |  3 PagesTDA 2.16 Support Children and Young People with Play and Leisure 1. Understand the Nature and Importance of Play and Leisure 1.1 Describe the Importance of Play and Leisure for young people Both Play and Leisure are vital components of a childs life as a range of stimulating play and leisure opportunities will support the physical emotional sensory and spiritual and intellectual growth of the child. It helps them to form and sustain relationships and also improves communication, educationalRead MoreUnit Eymp 1 Context and Principles for Early Years Provision Essay1527 Words   |  7 Pages EYMP1 A2: Different approaches Indentify four different approaches to working with children and record these in the table below. Explain how each approach has influenced current early year’s provision in the UK Approaches to working with children and how has this influenced current early years provision in the UK? There are four different approaches to working with children †¢ Reggio Emilia †¢ High/Scope †¢ Montessori †¢ Steiner 1. Reggio Emilia we use Reggio EmiliaRead MoreShould Technology Be Taught 21st Century?1568 Words   |  7 Pageswill willingly agree that digital technologies provide one more outlet for young children to demonstrate their creativity and learning. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of including iPads into the curriculum in a preschool classroom. While some are convinced that introducing iPads into the curriculum means children will stop playing, pretending, and learning to socialize, others believe that children today are digital natives and therefore should be taught 21st Century SkillsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Film The World s Classroom 1727 Words   |  7 Pagesclassroom are Self-directed Learning and The Four Aspects of Engagement. Both of these concepts connect to multiple parts of the classroom including how Claire teaches and student’s ability to learn. While most studies focusing on self-directed learning have been studying adults, more studies are starti ng to be conducted that look at k-12. While this film was done in 2000, it is a perfect example of self-directed learning, and encouragement of engagement, focusing on young children. Through her variousRead MoreChildren s Views On Children And Young People1515 Words   |  7 Pagesand principles which underpin children and young people s play and learning including children s views this means hearing the children s voice, thoughts, view and opinions. Listening to what the children have to say because it may have an effect on the environment which will make it more child like challenging. By having a stimulating environment it will enable the children to explore investigate take risks as well as playing and learning. Children and young people will achieve better if they areRead MoreThe Effects Of Affective Development On Children Essay1457 Words   |  6 PagesAdults play a very important role in the affective development in children. Now more than ever, children are being raised in a very unpredictable world. Adults are now taking on a much greater challenge when working with young children to help set the foundation for affective development. When it comes to the educational side of affective development, teachers are given NAEYC guidelines to help in their decision making. These guidelines are designed to promote competent young children. It isRead MoreSearch Of Self Written By Virginia M. Axline And Published By The Random House Publishing Group940 Words   |  4 PagesThis following nonfiction is Dibs: In Search of Self written by Virginia M. Axline and published by the Random House Publishing Group in America during 1964. The plot revolves around a young 5 year-old boy that is emotionally deprived from his parents and is mentally unstable around other individuals. The little boy would often hide in the corner of the classroom or under tables to avoid human contact, and when someone his age were to approach him, he would try to scratch or kick them. VirginiaRead MoreHow Play Affects The Childs Five Areas Of Development982 Words   |  4 PagesPlay Play is important to children. Play enhances the Childs five areas of development. Play is also an important part of a young Childs day. Young children love to pretend and play make-believe. Fantasy play provides opportunities for growth and development. Play also encourages experimentation and discovery. Toys are tools for play and play is a Childs work. When children play they learn that is why it is important. Play is the most natural and effective environment for a child to learn. DuringRead MorePlay in childhood 1379 Words   |  6 PagesPlay What is play? Play is defined as engaging in activates for enjoyment recreation rather than a serious practical purpose. Playing is a disorganized voluntary spontaneous activity, which may include objects, one’s body, symbol usage, and relationships. Play is flexible, individualize, grouped, motivating, self-directed, open-ended, or self-directed. (Smith, 2013) (Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, 2010) While playing, children are gaining creative skills for creative developmentRead MoreWhat Can We Do About Ageism?925 Words   |  4 Pagestime consuming. I separate the solutions into three parts, First, old people need to face the social problems without fear, being honest about their physical, physiological situations and clear about their own needs, for instance, what they want to learn, what kind of help they need; Next, young people, especially teachers, doctors, family members and friends of older adults can observe their needs and help them to build self-confidences and re-build the social connections; Then, governments can

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Journey Assignment Free Essays

|[pic] | | | | | | |Mater Dei Catholic College | | |ASSESSMENT TASK | | | | | |Preliminary English Standard | | |Area of Study Portfolio | |Date Issued: Wk 6 |Date Due: Friday 5. 4. 13 8:45am Wednesday Outside Staff Centre | | |Listening: Lesson 1 Friday 5. We will write a custom essay sample on Journey Assignment or any similar topic only for you Order Now 4. 3 In-Class | |Assignment Weighting: 25% | |Components: 15% Listening and 10% Portfolio | |Outcomes Being Assessed: | | | |2. A student explains relationships among texts. | |3. A student develops language relevant to the study of English. | |4. A student explains and analyses the ways in which language forms and features, and structures of texts shape meaning and influence responses. | |7. A student adapts and synthesises a range of textual features to explore and communicate information, ideas and values for a variety of purposes, | |audiences and contexts. | |Context of the task: In the Area of Study, students explore and examine relationships between language and text, and interrelationships among texts. They | |examine closely the individual qualities of texts while considering the texts’ relationships to the wider context of the Area of Study: Journeys. | |Outline of Task: | | | |Part A: Portfolio | |In your area of study you have been focusing on the concept of Journeys. You are to collect, analyse and present TWO sources which relate to ideas of | |Journeys that have been explored in and are relevant to Raw or Away. Your chosen texts should be sourced from two different mediums. | | | |Presentation: | |Your analysis will be presented on the proforma provided to you by your English teacher and you are not to exceed the total space provided. | |You must use different examples from your set text in each analysis. | | | | | | |Part B: Listening Task | |You will listen to an aural text in class which will have an aspect of Journeys as its focus. You will be required to analyse the extract aurally and | |comment on how meaning is conveyed in this text type and its relationship to Journeys. You will need to be familiar with a range of Journeys concept ideas | |and thesis statements. You will require your laptop and a set of ear buds/phones for the lesson. Obviously your laptop will be charged! | | | |Marking Criteria: | | | |Marks | |Criteria | | | |13-15 | |Skilfully identifies the concept of Journeys in the text. |Demonstrates detailed understanding of how selected text/set text explores the concept of Journeys | |Presents a perceptive analysis of the set and chosen text | |Uses language which is appropriate, sustained, sophisticated and suitable to audience, purpose and form | | | |10-12 | |Clearly identifies the concept of Journeys in the text. |Demonstrates effective understanding of how selected text/set text explores the concept of Journeys | |Effectively analyses the set and chosen text | |Uses language effectively which is appropriate and suitable to audience, purpose and form | | | |7-9 | |Identifies the concept of Journeys in the text. | |Demonstrates satisfactory understanding of how selected text/set text explores the concept of Journeys | |Attempts to explain ideas in the set and chosen text/describes the t exts. |Uses language which is appropriate and suitable to audience, purpose and form | | | |4-6 | |Describes Journeys in the text. | |Demonstrates limited understanding of how selected text/ set text explores concepts of Journeys | |Attempts to describe the selected text and chosen text | |Uses simple language suitable to audience, purpose and form | | | |1-3 | |Demonstrates elementary understanding of Journeys in selected text/ set text |Recount of the texts/ brief response | |Uses simplistic language which is not always suitable to audience, purpose and form | | | | | |Areas of proficiency: | | | | | | | | | |Areas for development: | | | | | | | Journeys: Additional texts summary sheet Title: Refugee Blues Text Type: Poem Composer: WH Auden Published: 1939 Audience: English teacher Outline the text in terms of its broad relationship to the concept of Journeys. This poem explores the concept of journey through sadness and the hardships that are experienced of being a Jew in the wrong place at the wrong time. This couple has lost everything except each other so there is hope for them The couple are determined to find a sense of place and acceptance after locating to a new destination Identify two Journeys thesis statements which are relevant to both your set text and this chosen text. (Use point form) †¢ A journey can involve the search for identity †¢ Journey can often contain obstacles to be met and over come Explain (with reference to technique, relevant eg’s and effect) how each thesis statement is explored in Raw/Away. (2xWHEELS) WH Auden articulates how journeys can often contain obstacles to be met and overcome in his poem Refugee Blues. Auden conveys a disillusioned tone through his use of anaphora. During the time of the war, it is expressed that some civilians were treated as outcasts. This is evident in the first paragraph where he writes ‘Say this city has ten million souls†¦yet there’s no place for us, my dear, yet there’s no place for us. ’ This is further reiterated in the repetition of the phrase ‘we cannot go there now, my dear, we cannot go there now’. The use of anaphora establishes for the reader the belief that the two refugees in this poem have to overcome the obstacle of exclusion as they are not accepted by anyone in the country. The use of repetition in the statement ‘yet there’s no place for us’ and ‘we cannot go there now’ evokes empathy in the audience more so that it would have been without repetition. The reader also feels sympathetic and concerned for the couple with the quote ‘my dear’ and we realize that the two have strong feelings for each other. This is a good thing because they are able to comfort each other. Through the use of anaphora Auden was able to highlight about how journeys can often contain obstacles to be met and overcome in his poem Refugee Blues. The concept of journey can involve a search for identity and this is explored in WH Auden’s poem Refugee Blues. Auden portrays logic of despondent tone through his use of structural devices and figurative language. This is seen in the sentence ‘.. some are living in mansions, some are living in holes:.. ’ and â€Å"if you’ve got no passport you’re officially dead†. The use of juxtaposition and metaphor creates the reader to feel empathy for the refugees and because the poem begins by introducing a city with 10 million people in it, some have the luxury of living in mansions; and this is contrasted with the rest who are living in most disgusting conditions ‘holes’. It’s suggesting that the couple are the lowest of low because there is not even a ‘hole’ for them and they are below the poverty line. WH Auden takes a single main theme and makes variations on it, leading to a particularly powerful finale. The theme of this poem is the abuse of human rights experienced not only by German Jews but by other Jews and by refugees anywhere. Through the use of structural devices and figurative language Auden was successfully able to portray the quest for identity in his poem Refugee Blues. Scott Monk represents the idea of journey involving a search for identity in his novel Raw. Monk highlights a sense of regretful tone through his use of characterisation of Brett Dalton. This is shown in the quotes â€Å"she’s got nothing to do with this! It’s my fault! I’m the one to blame! † and â€Å"He [Brett] felt like he had let him [Sam] down. No one had put up with more from him. He’d been patient so many times. Forgiven him. Let him back to The Farm when he’d run away. He’d always been there regardless of the trouble Brett had caused an all he’d got in return was grief. The use of characterisation establishes the way that Brett has accepted that he was responsible for everything that has happened between him and Caitlin and him and Sam. This shows a lot of maturity from Brett because he is the one taking the guilt. The second quote used demonstrates the influence Sam had over Brett. The fact that Brett feels guilty is significant and demonstrates what he has learnt and how he has been changed because of the institution. Through the use of characterisation Monk was successful on depicting the notion of journey involving a search for identity. Explain (with reference to technique, relevant eg’s and effect) how each thesis statement is explored in your chosen text. (2xWHEELS) How to cite Journey Assignment, Essay examples

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Sarah Baartman free essay sample

The Sarah Barman video today had some very shocking mistreatment of African Americans. I dont understand how Europeans could Justify their actions of treating another human being like that. Also to know that people still went to see her pickled remains for almost a century after her death showed that it was more than one person that contributed to this. People thought that African Americans were a different species and werent even human. We can also see this in our society today.I ere up outside the Bronx, and my school was mainly comprised of African American and Hispanic people. My cousins that lived Just outside the city in the suburbs, went schools were the population was 90% white. It is almost like our races still keep us separate even though our society proclaims that were all equal now. The large disparity in the number of other ethnicities located in these areas cannot Just be coincidence. We will write a custom essay sample on Sarah Baartman or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It opened my eyes to see that this stuff still goes on today when I was ender the impression that our society was much better than before.The poem Ghetto Booty also brought up some issues today. Many songs, which I do listen too, objectify a womens body and even degrade the African American community. When I listen to hip hop music, I dont take the lyrics they say literally. We realize that these people Just want to sell their music and you cant do that by rapping about Jesus or something else. Other people are quick to Judge our music and take everything literally.